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These are heat recovery ventilation appliances with air-to-air heat pumps for the
heating of domestic water and air.

COMBI 185 - Summary
The Combi 185 appliance has a 95% efficient counter-flow heat exchanger, which combines the advantages of the very best heat recovery ventilation, with heat pump technology.

This appliance offers priority switching to heat the water first in the integrated storage cylinder which holds 185 litres. It can be fitted with a bare tube heat exchanger for use with solar heating or a wood-burning boiler for hot water.

Maximum air flow is normally 260m/h and living areas up to 220m can be ventilated with simultaneous heating.

Genvex Combi 185

For a technical breakdown of all the Genvex appliance range, go to our downloads section.

COMBI 185 - Summary
Heat recovery ventilation with heat pump for hot water and a hot
water supply for up to 220m of living area. Also available with a
coil for connecting to a second heat source, eg solar.

Optima Controller 


An essential factor for the energy efficient operation of a ventilation appliance is controllability.

With its numerous functions and self-explanatory four-line graphic display, the Optima wall controller ensures a pleasant and healthy living environment at all times. Thanks to the 24/7 timer and temperature control, your Genvex appliance can be optimised for your personal lifestyle.